You can use this page as a template for a more functional version of the default grade calculator template Grade Calculator. Just remove all the instructions and rename the classes to get started.

This template is a work in progress, I'm working on finding a way to embed the "grade only" view into other Notion pages, and I plan on adding a GPA calculator at some point.

If anyone feels like doing the legwork of making those improvements before I get around to it, feel free to comment on this page and let me know!

To add a new empty class template, click the below button:

From there you have three views:

Class name

"Default View" is where you go to plug in your grades.

You can change the assignment and class names, and remove assignments without breaking the formula, if you need to add more than 12 assignments, see below.

Do not change anything in the "Weighted Average So Far" row.

"Due" and "Submitted" dates are used to calculate late penalty, and checking "Excused" will remove the late penalty.

"Late Penalty" is set to 5% by default but can be changed.

Plug your score into "Score," and leave "Out of" at 100 if your score is a percentage.

"Out of" is set to 100 by default for assignments that are graded with percentages, but can be edited if your assignment is marked out of a different number.

Your percent grade for each assignment accounting for lateness will appear in "W/ Penalty."

The "Weighting" row should be left at 0 until you have received a grade for that assignment. Once you have a grade you can enter the percent of the final class mark that the assignment accounts for.

In "Weighted" you will see the marks out of 100 that the assignment will contribute to your final grade.